Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shawls on humans fiesta! :D

::Shawls on Human again!::

For u ladies yg tkleh bygkn muka bile pakai shawls from ShawlChantek, here are some pics! hope it helps!:D

*click on photo to enlarge*

Show That Cap!

::STC on humans::
Helo ladies, as promised, here are some pictures of STC on humans.
Hope you gals get a better picture now yea..
hapy viewing!

Pic on left shows how STC is worn w'out shawl.

Pic on the right shows model with STC in tiny paisley matched with plain light brown georgette shawl. Get the look for only *RM20(STC n Shawl)

STC in Whirly matched with plain dark brown georgette shawl.

Get this look for *RM20(shawl n STC) on August 09 only! :D

STC in plain black. Match with whatever shawl, it will totally match n blend!

Steal this look for *RM25(shawl n STC) only!

-model wearing STC black with Back to Square One in teal-

*Promotion only valid in August 2009.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kak Ina menggayakan ShawlChantek

::More Humans on Shawls ::

Kak Ina lookin Kiut in Prettals

'Halu??' Seaweed

Funky like the shawl..Blue Retro

Belakon sopan in 'Bubbles'..hehe

p/s: Thanks Kak Ina for the wonderfulll photos! :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Juicy June on Humans

:: Juicy June on Humans::

Monday, April 13, 2009

Humans wearing ShawlChantek

::A token of appreciation::

Finally, this link is created! This is the place to give appreciation/credits and the most important thing, is to give you girls a picture of how shawls from ShawlChantek looks on actual people :)
Thank you to you girls who have sent in pictures. I REALLY appreciate it!

:: Humans wearing ShawlChantek::

Ain lookin sweet in Sweetest :P

Honey Nurhaliza in polka dot fever wearing Smatis(top) and Sarsie.

Anne looking sweet in Phink River while her cutest baby nephew Awish kene pakai Sarsie! (muka Awish macam pasrah je? haha, cumillll!!!!)

CPM Honey Nurhaliza again looking pretty in Upsie Daisy and Flowery Fushia! Sweet!

a not so good-resolution pic of carnival (colour lari)

CPM in Floral in Coral Red~..weee

Nad & Nad (bukan kembar, sekian) in Sahara(top) and Hunny. Very the nice these 2 toned shawls.